​Bayou Bluz
By: Patrick W. Emmett

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​​A car dealer, Leonard deGrasso is found dead in the bayous of a Louisiana swamp. The owners of the car dealership have asked that the firm of LeDuc and Johnson manage the company until a new buyer can be found. Wolf LeDuc, Annette Dupart and Ezra Johnson soon find themselves caught up in a business that has stolen vehicles, missing cash and employees turning up dead.

Wolf is savagely attacked in the French Quarter and is rescued by a man who calls himself Smith de Black Fox. Later, Wolf’s girlfriend is also attacked and critically wounded. When his cousin, Annette Dupart is kidnapped, Wolf and de Black Fox follow a lead that takes them to a dilapidated sugar plantation in the Atchafalaya swamps near New Iberia, Louisiana.

Take your time to enjoy a trip to New Orleans and a tale dipped in southern honey. Enjoy reading as bullets fly and people cry, all leading to a case of the Bayou Bluz.