Books and Stories, written and yet to be published:
The Lone Owl Series:​ 

The time period is 1025 CE, long before the first Europeans set foot along the shores of the Mississippi River. The events take place near Cahokia, Illinois; during the era of the   Mississippian Mound Builder civilization.
The Legend of Lone Owl, Spirit Walker
The first book follows a Native American boy, Lone Owl, from age twelve as he grows into manhood, and documents his coming of age journey and spiritual awakening. This fast-paced book includes vivid characters, animated spirits, and intense action as he grows into manhood.
Lone Owl serves as a metaphor for the positive goals and direction for modern young people with their own lives; the themes of compassion, friendship, loyalty, and love resonate throughout this tale. A modern parable set in an ancient time, this story will have readers seeking to learn more about the adventures, and spiritual quests of Lone Owl and his companions.
Journey to the Sky People
The second book takes Lone Owl on a journey up the Great River to where the Earth Gods live in a magnificent city. During this trip, he saves the life of a hunter who was mauled by a bear. The man he saves turns out to be the son of the Great Chief of Chiefs. Lone Owl helps to heal the man and he becomes a trusted advisor to the Chief's son. Lone Owl longs to return to his village and a young women he has pledged to marry, Cloud Feather.
Lone Owl. He is challenged to a game of lacrosse. If he wins, he can return, if he does not, he must remain in the City of the Earth Gods.
The Abandoned Badger Cult
The city of the Earth Gods has been attacked by a warrior cult of thieves and murderers called Abandoned Badgers. They capture several nobles and spiritual people from the city. Lone Owl, and his friend True Lance return the the city of the Earth Gods to help put down a rebellion and to go on a quest to find the captives and safely return them to the city. The leader of this cult is an old enemy of Lone Owl and he is determined to put an end to the pillaging of the countryside by this evil man.