Books and Stories, written and yet to be published:
Christmas Time Bluz:  One of Annette Dupart's best girlfriends from college is brutally murdered at a hotel room in Shreveport, Louisiana. She helps the family of her friend by packing up her belongings in Natchitoches, Louisiana and takeing them to Vicksburg, Mississippi. While in Vicksburg, Annette attends a Christmas antebellum costume party where people are dressed as ladies in hoop skirts and as Civil War officers.  Annette is run off the road, shot at, threatened and chased throuh the Vicksburg national War Memorial park. Who killed her friend and who is trying to kill Annette? Is a casino mob, jealous revenge or something else that is causing a case of the Christmas Time Bluz for Annette.
 Kentucky Derby Bluz: Wolf LeDuc, Ezra Johnson, Annette Dupart and Clarence de Black Fox are all back and are busy with car dealers around the Louisville, Kentuckey area. Their adventures take them to bourbon distilleries, a Louisville Slugger factory, a truck manufacturing facility and of course, the Kentucke Derby all whild dodging bullets and a crazy person who cuts off the heads of prize thoroughbred horses. This is giving all of them a case of the Kentucky Derby Bluz.

The Legend of Lone Owl:​  The time period is 1025 CE, long before the first Europeans set foot along the shores of the Mississippi River. The events take place near Cahokia, Illinois; during the era of the   
Mississippian Mound Builder civilization.
The story follows a Native American boy, Lone Owl, from age twelve as he grows into manhood, and documents his coming of age journey and spiritual awakening.
This fast-paced book includes vivid characters, animated spirits, and intense action.
Lone Owl serves as a metaphor for the positive goals and direction for modern young people with their own lives; the themes of compassion, friendship, loyalty, and love resonate throughout this tale. A modern parable set in an ancient time, this story will have readers seeking to learn more about the adventures, and spiritual quests of Lone Owl and his companions.