Dixie Bluz

Three best friends meet in Natchitoches, Louisiana to enjoy the Christmas Holiday festival of lights. Annette Dupart's best friend, Dixie Price is discovered dead from a gunshot, in a hotel room in Shreveport, Louisiana. Law enforcement is calling her death a suicide but Annette knows better. Before she died, Dixie gave Annette explosive information that could bring down a Gulf Coast gambling cartel.

Men dressed as Civil War soldiers and ladies wearing hoop dresses celebrate a Christmas themed dance in Vicksburg, Mississippi. But things go terribly wrong when people from the casino cartel stop at nothing to put the genie back into the bottle for information that is on an SD card in Annette's possession. The bad turn of events leaves Annette Dupart and Dixie's cat Muff with a serious case of Dixie Bluz.

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​Patrick W. Emmett