​​Memphis Bluz
By Patrick W. Emmett

Automotive Dealer Consultant, Wolf LeDuc and his business partner, Ezra Johnson, are negotiationg the sale of a car dealership, but they find more than they bargained for when they begin to search for missing invoices that involve the disposal of hazardous waste.

Wolf stumbles into a crime scene and is accused of murdering a business associate. He struggles to clear his name but his problems become more complicated when a woman from his past requests his help to sever a relationship with a dangerous man she's involved with. Wolf is caught in-between the Shelby County Prosecuting Attorney and the man she's trying to leave, a shady Nashville businessman pulling political strings in Memphis.​

​You are carried along on an intimate visit to ​Memphis, Tennessee, as Wolf and his lady love make plans for an escape from these dangerous people. Yet, a person from their past who is out for revenge against both of them and is giving Wolf a serious case of Memphis Bluz.

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