Patrick W. Emmett

Patrick W. Emmett is a retired automotive manufacturer executive and is currently a car dealer consultant who has lived and traveled extensively throughout the Deep South.
A Second Chance, surviving Sudden Cardiac Death, was re-published at the end of 2017. Quick Serve was published in 2009 as a "How to" book for car dealers who want to treat their customers better.

Bitcoin Bluz, Bayou Bluz, Memphis Bluz and Dixie Bluz are Mysteries. All books are available at These books are also available as a Kindle download at or as page turing paperbacks or a hard copy. 

The Lone Owl three volume series is due out during 2020.
Patrick W. Emmett has published several short stories and essays in the New Letters Press at the University of Missouri, Kansas City and small magazine submissions.
Pat lives in Overland Park, Kansas with his family and is retired as an automotive consultant to car dealers. He is active in his local community with the Sudden Cardiac Arrest Association and several automobile clubs. He frequently gives speeches to community clubs and organizations on the subject of heart health and how to save a life with CPR.
"Like Wolf, I enjoy my Mustang and frequently participate in parades. My wife and I are active with several local  charities."
"Golf is my insane escape, writing is my passion."